Chetna Diwakar by Muisc Knowledge

Chetna Diwakar is Trained and Experienced in Indian Classical Music, Western Music, Classical Vocalist. I have done my Master’s Degree in Hindustani Classical Music and Pursuing Ph.D. in Music. 

I have upskills in Western Music. I am teaching Music like Keyboard Playing Western Music and Hindustani Classical Music.

I firmly believe music is the Universal Language and it’s known no boundaries.

In Future, I am working on start online Keyboard Playing Classes, Indian Music, Western Music, Hindustani Classical Music, All Kind of Vocal Classes.

Find the right Instructors for you. I need Yours Supports and Wishes

Music Knowledge by Chetna Diwakar

“Music gives a soul to the Universe, wing to the mind, Flight to the Imagination and life to everyone”

“Music is the biggest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the Language, but they feel and enjoy”

Chetna Diwakar by Muisc Knowledge

buddies recommending me

You have impressed me with your Knowledge and teaching method. I know it’s your new Journey, I Wishes to you for future.
Premlatha Rai

I have seen your content and graphic. It’s very easy to understanding, catchy and Informatics

Jhon Harrish

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