Introduction Indian Music

Indian Music


Music is an important part of our life. Indian music very famous and its traditional part of Indian culture, Indian music is exploring of Indian culture and historical part of India.


Indian Music Roots dates back many centuries , It’s classified into two styles like Hindustani classical music from north part of India and Carnatic music south part of India. Modern music in India comprise multiple varieties of Punjabi, classical and folk music. Which are native of Indian rock music.


  • Indian pop music derived from western music, It’s make composition   more beautiful and something different to listener of Indian music.
  • Indian Music has a wide range of instrument it give accompany in Indian music some instruments SITAR, VEENA, TABLA, HARMONIUM, TAANPURA, MRIDANGAM, NAADSWARAM, GHATAM.

Indian music is a combination of patterns, Steady Beat, Rhythm, Taal, Alankars, Tempo, Melody and essential techniques.


To develop the taste for Indian classical music it’s very important to know basics of classical music.

Indian music define in two parts north Indian classical music tradition is called Hindustani classical music and south Indian classical music known as Carnatic music.


The roots of classical music of India are found in the Vedic literature of Hinduism, 13th century Sanskrit text Sangeet Ratnakar of Sarangadeva regarded the music.

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